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Around 5% saving on fuel consumption

CO2 emissions reduced by 4 tonnes per vehicle per year

Naturally harvested energy helps Extend battery life

The product

TRAILAR is an ultra-thin, flexible solar film matting system fitted to the roof space of a rigid truck that is directly connected to its battery. The harvested natural energy is used to power all on-board ancillary equipment whilst also helping to reduce your emissions from less engine idling, and extend battery life.

Fuel saving icon    Emissions icon 
 Cuts fuel consumption
by around 5%*
Lowers CO2 emissions
by 4 tonnes per vehicle
each year


power tail lift icon   Running in idle icon     Eco journey icon
Powers tail lifts
- reducing the heavy strain
on your battery
    Avoids running the engine in
idle for extended periods
     Reduces the 
environmental impact
of each vehicle journey

*Average solar panel fuel economy benefits – Millbrook 04.09.2017

Powerful fuel performance, in partnership with Ryder

Reduce diesel consumption and emissions in 3 simple steps: 

 Trailar 3 steps to improved fuel economy

Millbrook have conducted tests on TRAILAR proving a 5.24% improvement in fuel economy. 

For the rigid truck, the drive cycle with tail lift tests with the solar panel connected resulted in a 58.6% improvement in fuel economy.

The ancillaries test data was extrapolated over a distance of 189 miles and at a constant 40 mph, the average daily mileage and speed achieved by DHL. This was then combined with the fuel consumption figures from the drive cycle with tail lift tests, which resulted in an overall 5.24% improvement in fuel economy.

Millbrook testing certificate 


TRAILAR technology     TRAILAR control box 
Once fitted, the matting is not visible from the ground and will not
need replacing during the lifetime of the vehicle.
  A charge controller ensures your batteries are always charged,
which means no more engine idling during tail lift use. 



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Supporting Primark through vehicle innovation.

Customer facts

Geography: UK, Islip operation
Sector: Retail
Vehicles: 16
Mileage: 50k per annum

“We’re constantly seeking out innovation in our supply chain that delivers cost savings. If a combination of cost saving and environmental impact can be achieved in conjunction with each other then we are all for it. This is why we chose to engage in the TRAIL AR project. It’s delivering both savings and reducing our carbon footprint!"

Wendy Foster, Fleet Manager, Primark


Customer challenge

  • Reduce its corporate carbon footprint and deliver yet more environmental initiatives
  • Decrease its supply chain costs by seeking out continuous improvement opportunities
  • Stay ahead of the competition in a fiercely fought market place


  • ‘First of its kind’ solar solution that reduces diesel costs and vehicle emissions
  • Solar mats fitted to the roofs of 16 Ryder 18t rigid vehicles, utilising the harvested energy to offset the use of diesel
  • Fully-managed, integrated system that has no impact on the operation or the driver, other than to deliver benefits

 Customer benefits

  • £11,800 saved in diesel in 12 months. 5% total fuel saving compared to non-solar
  • Accelerated their environmental marketing strategy
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 64 tonnes per annum
  • £100 per year saving on engine battery maintenance, year on year

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