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Telematics Benefits

  1. Reduce Fuel Costs 

    Support drivers helping them to perform at their best and to drive more safely and fuel efficiently. In the process, you’ll reduce your fuel costs and environmental impact and minimise maintenance and vehicle downtime.

  2. Reduce fuel costs
  3. Improve fleet efficiency
  4. Improve Fleet Efficiency

    Improve utilisation and fleet efficiency. From mapping fleet location to reducing delivery times and the amount of unnecessary miles driven, you can tap into the intelligence you need to improve your bottom line.

  1. Improve Safety

    Harness market-leading technology to protect your drivers and other road users. By deploying the full safety module, you can typically experience an 80% reduction in speeding incidents and a 50% reduction in accidents.

  2. Improve safety
  3. Reduce insurance costs
  4. Reduce Insurance Costs

    An 80% reduction in speeding incidents, a 50% reduction in accidents, increased chances of FNOL and efficient proof of liability all typically lead to a reduction in insurance costs.

  1. Increase Compliance

    Ensure full compliance with a transparent and fully auditable platform that minimises paperwork and reduces time spent on administration.

  2. Increase compliance
  3. reduce miles run
  4. Reduce Miles Run

    Better route planning, better journey management and better management of drivers all lead to reduced miles run.