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Vehicle tracking and utilisation

Understand where your entire fleet is on a feature-rich interactive map. Understand live traffic challenges and utilise a nearest vehicle search, to see what’s available in a given location. Plus, view journey playback to understand where vehicles have been.

  • Live Fleet Visibility
  • Vehicle Utilisation
  • Geofencing
  • Proximity Searches
  • Find Nearest Vehicle
  • Historical Playback
  • Asset Tracking (Trailers) 

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Remote tacho

Compliance and Remote Tacho Download

Compliance is a key issue for any operator.  With fleet compliance software you can protect yourself and safeguard your drivers and reputation and manage issues such as tachograph compliance to save time, resources and administrative effort.

When combined with digital vehicle walk-around checks, integrated cameras and incident analysis, the safety module considerably reduces your risk profile while delivering the highest safety and compliance standards technology can offer.

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Driver performance

Driver Performance

Support your drivers to work as productively, efficiently and safely as possible. By providing a detailed review of performance, the level of inefficient and unsafe practices such as harsh cornering and excessive braking can be reduced, while training and debriefs can be targeted with increased accuracy.

With driver performance monitoring, empower your drivers to improve and at the same time realise significant fleet efficiency gains.

  • Driving Style Debrief and Reporting
  • Driving Style Self Debrief Application
  • In-cab Driver Feedback 

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Safety and cameras

Safety and Cameras

Safety and camera products incorporate both preventative and post accident analysis tools. When deployed, customers have seen reductions of over 90% in speeding and a 70% reduction in incident levels with an associated reduction in claim costs and vehicle time off road.

  • Incident Analysis
  • Contextual Speeding
  • Panic Alarms
  • Blind-Spot Cameras
  • Over the Air Downloads
  • Integration with Telematics Solution
  • Low-Res Pre-Download
  • Full Warranty

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Journey management

Journey Management

Monitor journey execution and measure activity against what was planned.

By analysing your fleet’s activities, you can maximise resources, improve real-time planning and route selection, reduce mileage run and understand how and why planned schedules were not adhered to.

  • Route Management
  • Schedule Management

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Proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery

The Proof of Delivery product is a paperless solution designed to track deliveries electronically and also feed important task management, site notes, manifest information and other communications directly to drivers out on the road.

Customers who deploy POD typically see a 10% reduction in goods returned and an 80% reduction in management time.

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