To comply with legal requirements, all Contract Hire and Rental trucks, and the vehicles used to provide the Direct Delivery Service are fitted with tachographs, which record driver information including driver identifier (which may include driver name), details of driving periods and rest breaks taken.

In order to promote driver safety and that of other road users, and to provide assistance in establishing facts when an accident occurs, those vehicles are also fitted with telematics devices (Contract Hire at your request), which record various elements of information as to the manner of driving, and events such as hard braking and cornering and vehicle location.  In relation to the operation of Contract Hire and Rental vehicles, our customer is the controller and, insofar as we and any contractors have access to any personal data, we are their processors. 

 It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure that they have complied in full with their obligations under data protection law in relation to the operation of these devices, including minimising the amount of data processed and provided to us, having a lawful justification for their use and providing privacy notices in relation to them.