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If you don’t have a Ryder location nearby, we still have you covered. With over 300 Ryder approved service locations nationwide, you are never far from an expertly trained technician when you have a repair or maintenance requirement.


In addition to a nationwide network of Ryder owned locations, you have access to over 300 approved service locations, so you are never far from an expertly trained technician, resulting in reduced vehicle downtime.

Our customers tell us that the complexity of keeping their fleet compliant is the main reason that they look to outsource their maintenance. As with any Ryder location, all service, repair records, certificates and inspection sheets are electronically filed and retrievable via our FleetCare Online tool, giving you the ability to manage your compliance, analyse your fleet costs and reduce internal administration.

Features of FleetCare:

  • We only choose partners that meet the highest Ryder standards

  • We contact you before MOT and scheduled maintenance events to confirm vehicle availability

  • You'll be kept fully informed about any work that needs to be carried out

  • Maintain a central point of contact with Ryder

  • Vehicle service and maintenance records are electronically filed

  • We appraise MOT first time pass rates, number of breakdowns and defects to ensure the highest levels of service

  • Quality maintenance checks are carried out to further ensure the standard of service delivery

  • We only use genuine OEM parts

  • FleetCare sites are stringently audited by our team of FleetCare Maintenance Managers to maintain Ryder's high standards of work. This includes ensuring that diagnostic equipment and training standards match those of our own.

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