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Dedicated Delivery

Dedicated Delivery combines the best of Ryder’s leasing and maintenance capabilities with the safest and most professional drivers in the industry, through innovative IT engineering for complete fleet optimisation.


500+ Fully trained drivers

0.6 Collisions per 100,000 miles travelled

99% On-time delivery rate

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With changing demands and a growing driver shortage, delivering on time and efficiently is more challenging and costly than ever. Add to that rigorous transport and safety legislation and you could be spending more time thinking about your transportation network than your core business.

Whether it’s the management of drivers, optimising your fleet or outsourcing your entire transport requirements, with a dedicated transportation solution you can transform your productivity and free up time to do what you do best.

Grow your business with:

  • Professional drivers recruited and trained to eliminate compliance risks from your business
  • Management of drivers and all aspects of their employment needs through our HR experts
  • A dedicated, fuel efficient fleet of tractors, trailers, trucks and/or vans to meet your specific needs, all in a livery that promotes your brand
  • Industry leading IT solutions that have been used to engineer solutions to optimise your fleet and resources to deliver operational efficiency
  • Solutions that combine dedicated and flexible resources to provide the flexibility you need to meet your customer requirements
  • One of the best safety records in the industry, with just 0.6 collisions per 100,000 miles travelled
  • Management of all transport risks associated with your business
  • Savings on fuel and labour with predictable costs
  • Flexibility to adapt your fleet as your requirements evolve
  • Industry leading on-time delivery performance supported by a reliable fleet and skilled drivers
  • Live telematic vehicle tracking and analysis of driver performance, optimal routing and fuel efficiency
  • Continuous, measurable improvement with ongoing operations and driver evaluation
  • Release of precious time to spend concentrating on your business with all the benefits of a private fleet without the hassle of fleet management
  • A team with experience in timed delivery and sequenced JIT manufacturing in key sectors, including automotive, construction, healthcare, manufacturing and retail
  • Removal of irritating damage claims or repair bills, thanks to Ryder’s nil excess comprehensive insurance.

Real World Example: Encase

Encase faced some of the manufacturing industry's most difficult challenges, needing to improve efficiency whilst reducing costs to enable growth.

Our Solution:
  • Delivery of a fleet of 9 Euro 6 tractor units and 20 liveried curtainside trailers
  • Provision of 12 Class C&E drivers
  • Full integration of a Ryder management team located between customer's sales and production teams at the Encase office
  • Implementation of Ortec route planning and Microlise telematics, with monitoring screens showing live delivery progress against agreed plan
  • Pallet pool management to control and reduce expenditure
  • Detailed KPIs tailored to Encase's requirements for daily review.
The Results:
  • Improved integration between logistics, customer sales and production departments has provided Ryder with the knowledge required to make timely decisions in response to customer requirements
  • Reduction in cost of logistics due to the growth of opportunity for full loads, minimising empty leg running and multiple deliveries to small volume drop points and incorporating return legs of inbound raw product
  • Reduction in cost of operations per thousand square meters delivered year on year.
Case Study

Real-World Example: Sleepeezee

Sleepeezee sought to achieve maximum efficiency to avoid excess stock and avoiding the need to operate warehouses with a just-in-time manufacturing model.

Our Solution:
  • Delivery of 27 motive units ranging from 3.5t Luton’s, 7.5t and 38t units in addition to a fleet of 45 box trailers
  • Provision of 30 drivers operating from three sites; Strood Kent, Oldbury West Midlands and Warrington Cheshire
  • On-site implementation of Ryder team to plan production and ensure maximum supply chain efficiency
  • Production of an optimised distribution plan to efficiently deliver Sleepeezee’s sales and factory production requirements utilising Ortec route planning and Microlise telematics.
The Results:
  • Reduction in unit delivery costs of 7% were driven by a closer working relationship between production and distribution, which enabled vehicle fill to be optimised, the elimination of inefficient routes and implementation of customer delivery frequency reviews
  • 70% saving on transportation costs of each back load of raw materials
  • Delivery of over 200,000 mattresses and beds per annum across 10,000 deliveries
  • Increase in factory capacity without the necessity to open new production or warehouse facilities, thanks in part to the implementation of a highly responsive just-in-time operation.
Case Study

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