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Dedicated Delivery

300+ Fully trained drivers

0.6 Collisions per 100,000 miles travelled

99% On-time delivery rate

Real-World Example: Sharps

Sharps deploys the services of Ryder DDS to run the transport and distribution function of its business.

Our solution

Partnering with Ryder DDS has taken away the hassle of Sharps running a fleet itself. Ryder is a fully integrated team on site at Sharps, and is responsible for:

  • supplying and maintaining all fleet vehicles
  • managing driver recruitment and training
  • ensuring vehicle safety and compliance
  • overseeing the route planning

Working in teams of two – consisting of a driver and porter – the crews deliver many bedrooms a day for Sharps, Monday-Friday across the UK.

The Results
  • Day-to-day efficient running of the entire transport operation managed by Ryder DDS, allowing Sharps to focus on what it does best - the design, manufacture, and install of customers’ bespoke bedrooms.

  • Streamlined ordering and production to effectively mimic the just-in-time process has eliminated the requirement for any product to be stored at Sharps factory prior to loading onto the vehicles.

  • Barcode scanning has improved track and trace of missing items and damage control.
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Real-World Example: Briggs

Integrated partnership pays off for Briggs Equipment with Dedicated Delivery Solution from Ryder

Our Solution
  • A simplified, cost-effective transport operation that manages specialist transport providers, vehicles and drivers, whilst the client retains vehicle movement planning
  • A trained team of drivers with specialist product knowledge integrated into the business 
  • An average of 800 deliveries per week for Briggs, facilitated by both its own fleet and third party transport
  • Implementation of a team consisting of a Contract Manager, 4 planners, an Operations Manager and 27 Drivers
The Results
  • All essential day-to-day, time-consuming detail (O-licence compliance; vehicle breakdowns; driver issues) handled by Ryder DDS

  • Valuable time has been freed up for the Briggs team

  • Briggs is able to concentrate on their strategic requirements and fine-tune their operation
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Real-World Example: Sleepeezee

Sleepeezee sought to achieve maximum efficiency to avoid excess stock and avoiding the need to operate warehouses with a just-in-time manufacturing model.

Our Solution:
  • Delivery of 27 motive units ranging from 3.5t Luton’s, 7.5t and 38t units in addition to a fleet of 45 box trailers
  • Provision of 30 drivers operating from three sites; Strood Kent, Oldbury West Midlands and Warrington Cheshire
  • On-site implementation of Ryder team to plan production and ensure maximum supply chain efficiency
  • Production of an optimised distribution plan to efficiently deliver Sleepeezee’s sales and factory production requirements utilising Ortec route planning and Microlise telematics.
The Results:
  • Reduction in unit delivery costs of 7% were driven by a closer working relationship between production and distribution, which enabled vehicle fill to be optimised, the elimination of inefficient routes and implementation of customer delivery frequency reviews
  • 70% saving on transportation costs of each back load of raw materials
  • Delivery of over 200,000 mattresses and beds per annum across 10,000 deliveries
  • Increase in factory capacity without the necessity to open new production or warehouse facilities, thanks in part to the implementation of a highly responsive just-in-time operation.
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