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CAZ Birmingham

News and updates on Birmingham's proposed CAZ


Birmingham City Council has proposed a charging Clean Air Zone which would encompass all roads within the A4540 Middleway ring road. The daily charge would be between £50 and £100 for HGVs and £12.50 for vans. Points of note regarding the Birmingham CAZ include:

  • A one-year exemption for HGVs, vans and coaches owned by firms within the CAZ (up to two per business) and commercial vehicles covered by existing finance agreements
  • A leasing scheme for low emission black cabs or grant to help cabbies convert to cleaner LPG fuel

Businesses of all sizes that operate vehicles in the Birmingham area are encouraged to attend a free event on the city’s clean air zone (CAZ) on Thursday, November 29 at the Library of Birmingham at 8am. Find out more information here.

The below video has been produced by Birmingham Council to explain Clean Air Zones:



The map below (courtesy of Birmingham City Council) shows the proposed zone, with colours indicating the concentration of pollution (reds and yellows indicating the worst polluted areas).

Proposed Birmingham Clean Air Zone

The consultation on the proposals has now closed (as of 17th August), though the consultation document can be viewed here. Birmingham City Council is also proposing several other schemes to combat air pollution, the timeline of which can be seen below.

Timeline of Birmingham's clean air proposals