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Driver profile: Heidi Davis

Before obtaining her HGV licence seven years ago, Heidi had worked in a variety of different roles, from landscape gardening and window cleaning, to working with horses and in retail. The change of career to become an HGV driver is not something she regrets in the slightest. As Lead VSA at Newbury, Heidi is involved in knowing exactly what is happening with each and every vehicle that Ryder is renting or leasing to customers and is the first port of call for resolving any customer issues.

Our Driver
Name: Heidi Davis
Current role: Ryder Lead Vehicle Service Attendant (VSA)
Typical hours: Monday to Friday, 7am – 4.30pm
Based: Newbury
Joined Ryder: January 2020 as a VSA driver, promoted to Lead VSA Sept 2020
Driver credentials: Class 2 HGV licence obtained in 2015; Class 1 HGV licence obtained through Ryder Driver Training Academy in March 2020.
What they say
"I would say to any female considering HGV driving - do it. With the advancements in technology it is as easy (physically) for women to drive a large truck as men. My favourite thing about driving for a living is being out on the road, seeing different scenery and feeling free – not stuck in an office all day."
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Driver profile: Ryan Bradley

For Ryan Bradley, earning £50 a week playing low-level professional football was not enough to pay the bills. He wanted to earn more and find a job that he could make a career of. His uncle – an agency driver for 10 years - spoke highly of his job driving a truck for Ryder and suggested Ryan apply to become a Ryder driver.

Our Driver
Name: Ryan Bradley
Current role: Ryder DDS pool driver
Typical hours: Varies – on average 6am-2pm, also overnight tramping on occasion
Based: Various - depends on the contract but can be Liverpool, Manchester, London
Joined Ryder: 2019
Driver credentials: Passed Class 2 HGV licence Jan 2020, and Class 1 HGV licence July 2021; both obtained through the Ryder Driver Training Academy
What they say
At 23, I am earning the average wage of a 32-year-old and have a career for life. I also work for a company that truly values its drivers and treats us with respect. I’ve got mates that are truck drivers elsewhere and they’re always under pressure to make more deliveries, work faster and are constantly stressed. With Ryder, I have never been pushed in that way, it’s a nice environment to work in.
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Driver profile: Terry Lee

For Terry Lee, a betting shop manager of 12 years’ experience, hearing about an opportunity to become an HGV driver with Ryder presented a huge opportunity for a change in direction. He grasped that opportunity and after just 18 months driving trucks gained several promotions. Today he is the Ryder contract manager responsible for ensuring car instrument panels are delivered on a just-in-time basis.

Our Driver
Name:Terry Lee
Current role:Contract Manager, 
Typical hours:8 hours a day
Based:Droitwich, Worcestershire
Joined Ryder: March 2017 as a Ryder DDS driver; promoted to team leader and then Contract Manager in May 2019
Driver credentials: Class 2 HGV licence obtained through Ryder Driver Training Academy in March 2017; Class 1 HGV licence obtained in August 2017
What they say
“If you’re considering being an HGV driver, remember this country needs you. Truck driving can be a job for life, and we at Ryder are prepared to spend time and money to get you into that job.”
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